Friday, May 26, 2006


Kuwait has been majorly influenced over the past century. I noticed that after seeing "9ale7 le7rabi" play on KTV, over lunchtime. He really knows how to sing, unlike the weird arabic songs these days.
The time at which he performed must've been late 60's early 70's, and they all seemed more modern than events that come out these days. I think Kuwait was influenced by Iran and Saudi Arabia. Either way, the population here is getting it's share of ridiculously ignorant and sick people; or has it always been like this? I think it's mainly over the past 10yrs? Who knows.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Further note on previous entry

A show came on today, Wednesday 24th, "Hyde Park" or which should've been Hide Park this day. A couple of callers got the nerve to come on and whine like excessively SPOILED brats that ought to be slapped across the face. These are the sort of things they managed to slurp onto the show:
- A girl actually came on and said "La3ebeen El3arabi lazem yel3iboon mo9ara3a oo 7adeed, oo ElQadsiya taj 3ala roos El3arabi", tokfain chub, shaal sigaalaa?
-A guy couldn't handle Qadsiya losing, and so decided to come on and "faten" and tell on a "guy" he saw giving the finger and making offensive gestures while holding a green flag, soooo what bitch? Get over it moron-o.
-People came on and on, saying that the media is "t7ayozing", siding with ElQadsiya over El3arabi, tokfaa owyooohkom, such babies. When they put clips about Qadsiya 'cause they've won the 3arbaweyas complain, and vice versa also happens. MAKOO SHO'3OL.

That's why I love the English league, I mean look what I've got to manage with here in Kuwait.
Not the players necessarily, but the immature fans. They keep on singing to get on the nerve of the opposing team, whereas in Europe they clap for the winning team.

I think I'm not really into Kuwaiti soccer, but I enjoy watching good soccer. And I enjoy watching soccer of my country every now and then. I think I tend to lean towards ElQadsiya, but in the end, Kuwait.

So Meh. Elli yesma3ni yigool kela soccer, not really, but yeah it's World Cup soon; but I love football anyway. But I'm balanced, no worries. :P

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kuwaiti derby... riiiight

I just like to point out that this is no way in calibre of the last entry, that was about superior pro' soccer, and this is about hobby-like soccer. I think I would've enjoyed watching myself play with friends football; but anyway...
ElQadsiya vs. ElArabi game today was suppose to be a soccer game, but instead it was full of nudging and kicking each other rather than THE ball. Although some players did show some heart, just some. What to expect, nothing, it was a simple game.

Another thing I noticed, usually when you have a leader you get a vice-leader, and the main purpose of this vice is to be as a back-up plan, "la gadaar allah" if anything would happen to the ruling leader. Yet during todays' match the Ameer, the weli 3ahd, and a couple of other ministers and "important" people all come together and stayed at the same spot for over 1hr and a half. Is that being cautious? And yes I know this is just regular ol' routine, but it's just a thought.
Allah howa el7afe'9.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yet another day

Somedays you just wake up and feel like playing soccer. Today was the day. It's beautiful to wake up early in the morning not feeling tired, and without the fragile composure you usually wake up with; being prone to easy irritation perhaps. Today is the day.
It could be because my missing of my AS physics practical end of year examination"concern" (not really) is diminished by the fact Arsenal vs Barcelona is on tonight. Yeah, that's enough.

However, tomorrow is Thursday a weekend of course- and guess what? I got 2 exams tomorrow. No promblemo.

I think I just have to live through this end of year exam wave. It feels so different than what I know.

Anyway... THIERRY HENRY ROCKS YOUR SOCKS! Live it up Arsenal.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

THE Mood

My mood on Friday (12th of May 2006): ECSTATIC!
This may be linked to my old entry on livejournal.

NB. Don't expect to understand the ulterior meaning to this entry, since it's really non-direct.
Btw, people with "blue" eyes, sometimes look with green-ish eyes to me. Beautiful either way. Sigh.

And just for your enjoyment, here's some good material.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Happy

"Happy Happy", that was a saying of some friends I had. I can't believe this life. Yet still, I'm happy today.

Today was an exam day, but we're past that for now. So I guess I'll take this day as a relaxation one, with some reviewing when I can get around to it.

Peace, and don't forget; happy happy!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not my day

Read me loud and clear: today was not my day, whatsoever.
It is just life.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

An innocent question

Why is it that everytime there is a show on the KTVs, or any Kuwaiti production and dancing is included it always seems to played by asmaraneya?
Just coincidental?

Behold the heat

I finished all the biology paper exams, all three of them, so now that's out of the way- and yet another priority off the list.

On the way back home, I noticed the ridiculous driving on the roads of Kuwait; nothing new.
Then came up the traffic, which started to grow and expectedly led us to a halt in the middle of the freeway. Surely an accident, "allah yaster", and it was. In any other country with law and order superior to anything else, the cars would've stuck to their lanes and show common courtesy with a mix of patience. Sure they got good radio stations in the States, that you can't complain about long drives, and rush hour too much. Yet in Kuwait it has always been off the hook, and people are down right CRAZY, that I'd love to slap each one across the face- 7ada across, criss cross ba3ad.

If people around the world acknowledge a country by it's driving, then Kuwait would be in the slum. Bass allah sitaar.

Imagine, the 3 lane freeway with one shoulder on one side, and the incoming road with it's own shoulder would usually hold 6 cars at once. However granted that were in Kuwait, it only naturally turned to hold up to 10 cars at a time, in only the lanes(including the shoulders). Chaos was the currency of them cars. People driving as if they were the only ones on the whole freeway.

I wouldn't be surprised if the average Kuwaiti, is the kind of person that ever so rarely uses the side mirrors and the middle mirror to check their surroundings, for the safety of others and themselves.

The Kuwaiti police seemed slow to function with the car crash incident. The accident was between to cars. A commercially used van with a Toyota salon car.

Again about the cars, people went over the pavements, even buses and lorries; which if were to occur abroad would be an outrageous act.
Using the shoulders can be extremely senseless. What if the ambulance couldn't get to the site of crash because of the shoulder being hogged by inconsiderate asswipes.

Wallaah fa'9i aktib oo aktib. I could write a novel. This issue is REAL old, 7ada mada. Bass shinsawi.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Transpiration tip top day

Transpiration is on the high today. It's warm and dry outside. Allaaah sign of the World Cup coming up!

So I had my biology exam just now, another paper. It was good.

Photo from the night before the bio test, snacking and watching soccer games; and studying(technically... reviewing) at the same time, I'm just like that. Hoping I'd catch the Arsenal final salute game, but KTV3 put all the matches except that one- THANKS! DOH!

You can see, can't you.

Recommendation to enjoy a sense of yours, download this song: Massari - Real Love
NB. I really feel like playing soccer, right.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another day

Yesterday I didn't sleep until 5am, and so when I went to sleep I was planning to sleep for 5 hours atleast. But I didn't really sleep until 6:30am, and I woke up a couple of times. Until I got a call, and I had to go to school and sign papers, so that my exams can be shipped to the UK and marked. So basically I'm real tired.

Even tired to write pending issues I feel like talking about.
-How I love Kuwait
-and how... I actually forgot what else, I'm tired.

Study or take a nap? Bah.

Oh and btw, Arsenal's Final Salute to Highbury match is today, and KTV3 has picked to put Chelsea's match. Bummer. Yet I still hope they'll put Arsenal aswell on their 2nd KTV3.
(I got Jazeera sports, but not ART; just by chance)

Saturday, May 06, 2006


(Exam timetable, blue-fluid seconds glass, and an AC Milan banner in the background)

Friday is an odd day for exams, but I've done a couple of those - so nothing new.
The exam was actually tolerable, I just didn't mind it.
As for after the exam, I felt like doing nothing. I just played soccer, and thought of soccer, and the world cup; and the days to come. Oh and my bro' got Winning Eleven 10, pretty cool.
Basically, a day of relative rest.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yep I had a physics exam. I came home early, around afternoon (12:00pm), for no apparent reason, to study actually, but okay. I could've stayed in school with friends. But no, I came here. So I spent like 1 and a half of an hour in my school uniform checking out what my laptop can do, and stuff. Lemme go and see what I'll be up to next...

KSA... in a way "6i7tay men 3aini"

Ok so let me enlighten some of you with with something new.

I read recently in an English newspaper published in Kuwait, by chance. I read a piece on how a Pakistani girl was raped by a Saudi in his car after forcing her into it, and threatening her that if she ever told anyone he'd deal with her, and he had connections whether with her familys' sponsors (who he's friends with) or in the government.

After the heinous incident, she told her sister and went into a police station. Everything back-fired on her and her sister from there on. She was jailed for a suprising period of time, over month(s), and then scheduled for deportation. Her family still works for the same sponsors.

I wonder how that guy didn't commit suicide, oh... yeah. He's a I-have-no-flicking-idea. Bleh.
And the administrive response to such a CRIME. Absolute and ultimate wtf-ingness.

And in other news, I'd like to inform you guys, that in KSA, when a foreigner gets into an accident with a Saudi, it's the foreigners fault. 'Know why? 'Cause the foreigner shouldn't be there in the first place.

Lastly I'd like to sign off on, "Uhhh, would you like fries with that?"

Munich oh Munich

Another article popped onto AlQabas newspaper. A cinema/movie "analyst", okay... laid out what she thought of the movie. To her it was BS. Well goody for you.

Funny thing is, she was moreover protective then perceptive. She should read my late entry. Esem 3ala mosama, 3awa6ef, is the name of the writer. Her emotions overhauled her maybe.
I'm just saying what I think, since I did see the ending message was ANTI-TERRORISM, on a humanatarian level, and not "against" Palastineans, as she put it.

People think differently, and that's good.