Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Days, different days

I recall some days where I happen to run into grumpy people, one after the other, as if it's a bad day for everyone. As for today, it just so happens that it's quite the opposite. Most of the people I have come across so far were perky, and polite. If only most days were like this. After all, we don't ask for unexplained, even random, hostilities from strangers. I got a compliment today, right out of the blue. Those I really enjoy from day to day. Indeed, such a treat!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

Today DST threw me off for a bit. My mind was off enjoying the weekend. But I never looked into why Kuwait does not go by the DST system. Maybe I will do that when I actually have time.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

State of Mentality

Judgment, ego, arrogance, vanity, and anything of that sort. Where does one get such features then even go on to perhaps flourish in a society? Sure we don't live in Utopia. But sometimes, I just wonder where do people come up with such an absurd belief that they're better than another person. Certainly, it is not a strong natural intuition that humans are born with. Even if that were the case, one should curb such a detestable mentality.
Society does play a role in this issue. So, in whatever way, let it be media, upbringing, education- I don't care as long as it happens- people have to change goddamnit.
Let it start with you, the reader.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Guess what I experienced today

I decided to go by the Islamic Awareness booths area to greet a couple of guys, and then find myself a comfy spot to just sit down and continue a book I was reading. It only seemed a natural thing to do, since it was reasonably early and that area particularly allowed the sun rays to funnel down into 'courtyard' area.
Anyway, to the point, I happened to sit down near two girls. I tell you, from that moment on until they left my side, one of the two girls kept on giggling on and on, constantly, nonstop. It was ridiculous. I didn't know what to think of it first. But after some time, as the girl's laughter began to force its way into my story that I was reading, I just kept on saying that this somewhat made laughing a little less special. You see, I would think, like anything else, it should be in moderation if you will. Of course I'm not saying don't laugh. On the contrary, I believe one should value such an act of joy. I mean you don't go around telling people that you love them until you wear it out.
The significant thing that led me to this rant-like post is that this girl was laughing at everything!

I mean if you laugh at everything what justice can you offer to what actually deserves a chuckle or two?