Thursday, August 31, 2006

Canada Anyone?

Tell me anything about Canada,

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I do not like people who go abroad from Kuwait and then end up coming back and saying everything changed, people changed; and act all-high-and-mighty on everyone ya3ni annaa elli 5ala9 motha8aaf oo I changed and what not. I think I've come across so many cases as such, starring people of mature age. They've lost their sense of tradition, family values, etiquette and any nationalism... that's if they had it in the first place, and it's sad if they've disconnected themselves from those features.
I understand the utter smack-in-the-face shock some get from re-distinguishing the craaazy diving - wait I mean driving here. I'm not saying this because I was affected, but because it bothers me. It's like wil 3eyatho be'llaah 3i8oo8 elwalidayn (ugly treatment of parents), a person enters life in the safe surrounds of their parents and god-forbid end up turning around on their parents is just simply put illogical. That's all for today's moral sociology class. ;P -random I know-

Also I've decided, * I should stay away from nostalgic songs * It's about time I learn how to cook Kuwaiti * and I should get a mobile telephone (preferably N series I suppose)

ME: *Mood: Beyond happy el7amdillaah.

Good News

I'm going abroad to study and so are my friends...
this is what my studies have brought me up to, can you and I believe it?
Sub7an'Allah wel7amdillaah 3ala kel 7al.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Elhatif Enagaal

When it comes to mobiles, the 'culture of mobility', first thing that comes to mind is how recently released it is. But nevermind that for now and let me tell you how seriously vital mobiles are to more than just a selective generation and a story on the side.
Consider me. I have been for what seems like ages without a mobile... why?
No apparent reason.
My latest mobile I just gave to my Mom. Yet when we travel ofcourse having a mobile is a must, so I'm given one from the family, I then give it back when we come back.
So now after all this time I am going to have to put aside my laziness and procrastination on buying a mobile and actually get it done with already. I can say that my friends pretty much gotten sick of it, but I don't get it why not call my home number anyway? ;p
Oh well. I have been interested in the Nseries before it's release, but Kuwait needs time until we get into the practical stage of them N's. Oh and suggestions of what to get are surely more than welcome. Allah 7ayaah.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm baaack

You guys I got lots going on for the time being,
so check you out later,
sometime soon.