Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Nights

So here's the deal. I went out for a walk on a Saturday night (almost midnight), which was quite worth it I must say, since it entailed quite the treat. Standing at a crosswalk, a taxi van full of girls stopped right in front of me. The girl sitting near the window started waving in my direction. Me, the unsuspecting receiver of the wave, was confused to say the least. I actually looked behind me- lame, I know. She then started blowing kisses. Oh, and the rest of the girls starting waving too.
I just love Saturday nights, where everyone is out and happy.
To be honest, I'd like it to be Saturday night most of the time. Funny, like the TGI ad only with Saturdays, we want more Saturdays!

[edit]: Funny thing, it was a Friday night. So there you go. Ironically a TGI it's Friday moment.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A person always needs to feel they belong. Belong to what exactly though? More specifically, if a person belongs to a group, is it possible to equally belong to numerous groups?
Being caught between groups is not something you would want to experience.
The general world has grown harsh. Hearts of cold cobblestone prosper, it seems so anyway.
Or maybe I just expect too much. People are not like yourself. They are from a different dimension, so it seems. Survival of the fittest- ignorance- so it seems...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What are friends for?

I always found that certain people are reluctant, or oblivious or even lazy, to maintain a friendship through means of communication. After all, communication is one of the pillars that friendship is based on. I mean friendship is a relationship- there's nothing to it, that's a given. So without communication, how is it even a relationship. I don't really like the idea that out of the two friends, one of them is the one that usually makes the calls and initiates the 'let's do this together'. It's too much to ask. It's supposed to be a mutual effort.

Even so, I tend to believe certain friendships will forever remain unshaken just because there's this 'feel right' factor to it. I mean consider this: there are occasions when one goes abroad, for say their studies, and when that person comes back the two basically pickup where they left off. That's just amazing.