Tuesday, April 25, 2006


When I saw this movie, I wasn't thinking whether it was controversial or not. I just wanted to enjoy it as a movie, and nothing else. I mean seriously why be so straight minded. After the movie I thought to myself that I wouldn't mind watching it again.

Then comes a week since watching the movie, and I come across this article in alQabas newspaper.
All about how the movie portrayed Arabs in a bad way and Israelis better. It also mentioned that Spielberg worked with a Jewish crew which may have pulled him to being pro-Israeli. Funny thing is, that the writer of this article missed the fact that Spielberg is Jewish himself.

Sure the movie was one sided, come to think of it, but what is to be expected? Arabs don't do anything about it. Arabs are pretty weak these days, with few exceptions. Besides, Spielgberg lined up advisers with expected reason to root for Israel, they were Jewish. Rabbi Levi Meier, who helped convert Spielberg's actress wife to Judiasm. He also hired Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in America) to rework the original scripts, who is also Jewish.
Kushner's job was to make the Arabs more articulate and "maybe even" allow them to express their viewpoints — however distasteful — and to "try" to understand their motivations.
Now that's just hilarious, even in a movie it's hard for them to even attempt to give a hoot.
Yet then again why should they? I mean if an Arab crew were to get together and make a movie are they going to make the Israeli side look "good"?

Spielberg really got into this movie. To the point where he passed on the chance of directing "Memiors of Geisha", although he did get an executive-producer's credit. He's one heck of a Director I'd say. I haven't seen "Memoirs of Geisha", but I bet "Munich" would stomp all over it.

In spite of all the negative reviews against the movie, I say it's a kickass movie, and worth your time. And even if Spielberg was cowardly bowing to not upset Israelis and Jews too much he did a good job, even if he doesn't know it. The whole movie was building up to the last moment of ANTI-TERRORISM.

I just had to put out my opinion to overrule the stupid reviews and comments on the movie.

On another note, I do remember about a movie kind of like the Nemesis of "Munich", "Paradise Now". On Oscar night, they were both nominated for Oscars, but to avoid any awkwardness they were conveniently not selected as winners.
I'd like to watch that movie some time soon. "Paradise Now" got higher ratings than "Munich".

Spielberg's Folly! Yep.
Munich Overview
Paradise Now Overview

Monday, April 24, 2006

You think you know, but you have no idea

Wow. Hoopph. El7amdellaah. I finish a big chunk of work and I'm so glad. I worked pretty hard, I've been up 33hrs and 31mins up until now. I can't remember if I've ever done such a thing before. Excluding vacations trips though. I think I grew a moustache while working.

It's amazing actually, I feel as if yesterday and today were one day. In a weird sense. I'll try to elaborate on this minor point. Usually lets say I have my day, sleep at night, wake up and go to school. That makes the day different, somehow.
Yet, when you skip the sleep and you go from one day into the other then hypothetically lets say I go to school. I'd most probably be like, "Amigos I just saw you guys, give me a break". 'Cause of the continuouity in the mix? I guess.

Yes I did feel somwhat woozy and funny, but I recharged on some food. I remember I used to feel real dizzy and slight nausea if I tried to stretch my night up.

Usually I'd be tempted to take a good ol' nap, especially after pulling something like this. But the day is young. Entertainment time.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sky High

Tony Blaire, Prime Minister of UK hit the books in breaking a world record, him and his "people". Staying airbourne for the longest civilian trip.

Travellers: Tony Blaire, and 80 passangers (full capacity of plane during normal flights: 300)
Transportation: Rented B777-200ER Plane (British Airways)
Occasion: Common-Wealth sports ceremony
From-To: from Brussels, Belgium to Melbourne, Australia
Distance travelled: 17,157km
Time Taken: 18hrs:45mins

That must've been an excruciating journey. I dislike being on planes for too long I really suffer. I've been from Thailand to Hawai'i. That was comparatively a lengthy one to usual flights. But worthwhile one at that. I mean it's as if you're cutting the distance to a haven on Earth. Kinda like when I go to Wafra with the family and cousins during spring, but on a global scale.

I'm not in such a mood for this, so...
I just realized, what a waste of an entry. Joga Bonito!

Monday, April 17, 2006


You may or may not, who knows, have noticed my absence. Well there's always a reason for everything. And for this matter it is I got-a-bunch-a things to do. Studying and what nots, enjoying breaks... that sort of stuff.

Peace 'til whenever.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A question for you

Rachel Weisz.
Tell me what do you think of her.
Some input please, I would like to see the result of this.

The randomness in me [continued]

The randomness in me

Random facts:

- Sometimes I get the feeling I wash my hands ALOT, I do, keeping clean we say
- I love beautiful soccer play, freestyle and whatnot; JOGA BONITO!
- Kuwait is changing drastically too fast, I just hope it safe (allahoma ya7afi'9); 7areer city is gonna be big
- I hate foul-mouthed fakers who are big headed without knowing it, feel ya head?
- Recently I haven't been listening to arabic, so I went and looked for some, enjoy a sense of yours

Random questions:

- Why do some people/friends distance themselves? (afraid to confront - or just want to)
- Why are some "Kuwaitis" so racist, and picky about ethnicity even amongst other Kuwaitis, when they're most probably not so Kuwaiti themselves? (we all come from Adam & Eve, you know?)
- Why didn't the "Blue child" from Hidalgo hook up with the arabian girl?
- Did you read this?
- Was this lame?

~Until next time,
This is Safi,

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Make a move

A couple of days ago I came across an article in the newspaper, listing the countries in order of their profit surplus; which I'm guessing is in relation to it's population since Kuwait was toping the list.

Kuwait was in the lead, 25% ahead of KSA. So with all of that money, seriously invest into our country, invest in me if you want. Invest in getting the country right, and getting rid of the wretchedness that does not belong.