Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Chromosome X = Woman

Women, since olden times up until our present have been a gender of concern. It is most obvious that women are fragile, despite the increased number of the so-called fanatic/radical feminists whom have actually lost some or even most of their femininity unconsciously; but that’s another story. And by saying women are fragile I assume everyone agrees on that in many senses, please don’t get defensive – that’s if you do- since I’m only pointing out the very truth we all know. Besides I am nowhere, not even remotely, a sexist. I mean seriously why should I be? What’s the point of being so? Aren’t females mothers? Sisters? Wives? And what not? I just see it as a close-minded and stubborn stance of an uneducated airhead to be such a thing, a sexist.

Okay okay, never mind the side topics. Closer to the point, since the start of human life on the face of this complex Earth the issue of women rights or simply their well being has been fought for constantly and there’s still a long way, fact is life isn’t fair for both male and female; that’s life. I suppose that’s the case because not everyone is with good intensions at heart. Then again what else is to be expected? You get good eggs and bad eggs, don’t you?

Nonetheless, even further to the point I’ll tell you why I thought of writing this up. I came across an “Oprah” episode where Oprah was constantly saying women in America are deprived of a decent life in this “screwed up country”, where sexual predators are densely present as well as sexists or even wrongly educated people… or simply put twisted morons- whether they show it or not that’s another thing, but I’ll bet they don’t. Can you say DUH?
(Please don’t mind my side topics, but here’s something I remembered. Another “Oprah” episode I saw was the one on that Saudi Arabian news reporter who was beaten up by her husband, and Oprah went on and on about how American women are lucky to be born as citizens of the States. Okay fair enough. But don’t contradict yourself; you’ll only look like a funny fool. I don’t think she really knew what she was talking about anyway, since I got the sense that she took that one incident of the news lady who got beaten and generalized the rest of the Middle East, maybe? Stinking habit people have, what can we do.)

Back again, just to comply with my duties as Capt. Obvious I have to direct your attention to the various aspects of woman degradation in the West, or to be plain and easy anywhere besides the Middle East.
Here are only some:
- The constant BS in daily music
- How strippers and adult what nots are a common and ordinary thing amongst some, reducing women to mere meat to be desired – some parents even hire strippers as a ritual of passing rights to their teenagers on the brink of “adulthood”, sure that’s the way to go.
- Women are many times seen as sex objects only, nothing more nothing less.
- Women’s dignity isn’t taken seriously.

Some of you may come to think that if that’s the situation there “fa ma balona wa’93 man6a8atna”, or what’s it like here then?
Well what and when was the first major religion to address such an imperative issue as such? Islam did, during the era of chaos and unjust. To be direct, I believe if it hadn’t been for Islam, the existence of the human species could’ve ceased to exist. Life was corrupt, that I would rather not call it life in that respect. So do you get the picture? Islam allowed life to go on, and not only that, but with preservation of morals and the true meaning of living a good life. As I recall a “9a7abi of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH)” once said, “If I could live just as is, like this [meaning this good and true living] … then I’m in heaven.”

Just to cut back on the hassle of reading too much, I’ll tell you what I mean; we have it good over here in the Middle East, so long as we’re talking about the right people who go by the correct ethics, derived from Islam or even logic and etiquette. I know and see so many women here who are so respected and looked after with such pure love and caring.
Islam has laid out guidelines and as long as they’re followed women’s rights are conserved entirely beyond our knowledge even. After all, the Qur’an is from Allah (Sob7anah wata3alah).
I know I can rest my case at that.

As for how come then many depict the Islamic world as unjust towards women, it’s predominantly because they enjoy picking on the “former” lead nation/ummah, they’re also afraid and this is their way to deal with it. Just to make sure we don’t rise up again any time soon.

So that’s about it folks.


Geopolitics and recent discovery of oil deposit.
I heard a couple of days ago in a diwaniya that a huge oil base deposit was found, but I wasn't sure where exactly. This is promising news for Kuwait.

Here is what we've lost to the invasion. But we're still here and stronger than ever. Yes you live and learn.


Even doodles mean something and may indicate your personality.
You may think that sketches, scribbles and squiggles you put forward onto paper unconsciously during deep thinking or during a boring lecture are nothing really. Yet on the contrary they might hold your deepest emotions. This was proven in a study during the 1930’s in a psychology paper. (9ij fi’9awa makoo shi’3il studying such a thing during a period of widespread slavery trade)

Nevertheless, what they claim is whatever you sketch on the right side of the page represents your social personality and the left side your caution, while the middle symbolize how open minded or emotionally open a person you are.
“Willi fe galbah 3ala elsana”

And now for the various interpretations:
- Faces: Side views of faces mean you’re having problem having relations with others. Whilst happy faces mean everything is going fine, and sad faces mean not being able to cooperate with others.
- Snakes: Show physical ability or that you’re a quick thinker who’s on target most of the times.
- Drawing people without faces: Signifies absence of commitment and a sense of lost identity. You feel unappreciated by others. And you think you don’t have a strong presence or discomforted by lack of privacy.
- Squares: You don’t like the idea of being alone, and so you have the urge to befriend people.
- Flowers: You are sensitive, compassionate and concerned with everything to do with love.
- Arrows: Generally show anxiety, and if pointing upwards this signifies ambition and the ones pointing all over the place mean you’re open minded.
- Stars: Either stands for an ambitious and ready for challenges personality or to break rules to get what they want.
- Eyes: Mysterious personality. Small eyes indicate sadness, while big eyes show for a fun and humorous personality, and seductive eye lashes show for an attractive personality.
- Hearts: Stand for emotional weakness and how prone you are to emotional damage, the more drawn hearts means you’ve gone through more emotional distress or damage.
- Squiggles: May be complex or simple, and the more complex they are the more deep your thoughts were at the time you were drawing.
- Spirals: Represent motivation but also represent that the drawer is thinking of a way to trick someone and distance themselves without confrontation so as to not harm them.
- Houses: Houses with long passages before them imply courteousness and caring of the drawer, whereas short ones suggest an open and stable personality. Detailed drawings of houses give the sign of the want of perfection. As for lines that aren’t neat or the absence of windows represent an unhappy household.

I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I find it quite interesting. Some are kind of logical. If I was a person with actual free time, I’d check out my own doodles I made before in class. Haha.

Here's a recent doodle of mine:


The lost essence

I would have to say that I’m privileged, being part of a society which has exclusive celebrated days and even months like none other. They bring out the best in us and the country itself, bring us together, and bring us around to being happy.

I’m talking about our Ramadan, Gurgayan, Eids – Al A’97a and ElFi6ir, Liberation day and Independence day.

All which have significance to them, a purpose, remembering of a historic event.

So being that it’s February I’ll make the focus on the country’s celebration.

Kuwait got its independence 45 years ago on the 26th of February, its Liberation 15 years ago on the 25th of February.

And as long as I can remember we would go out and parade on the streets in a very special manner on this actual “couple” of days. Oh the peculiar irony, how these 2 dates come one after the other. Masha’Allah.

This gives us the wonderful 2 days holiday and festive fever, in which the whole country plays the many Kuwaiti national songs, and the cars fill the roads and people spray foam and dance and any other way just to express their joy.

Yet I’m disappointed to say that this year wasn’t so magical in comparison to the good ol’ days. As a matter of fact, being gracious, I’d still have to say this time around the celebration was simply put... LAME. Ga3ad ran the so called parade of celebration. People can actually have fatal accidents these days around such behavior in the streets, stupid drivers and moronic street roamers that is.

I personally think this year should’ve been about celebrating the fulfilled life of our late Ameer, and perhaps the new Ameer. Besides we’re pretty much used to having Baba Jaber around during our merry march of festivity.

Elmohem, don’t worry you guys. I didn’t waste my holiday on the ridiculous “maseerah”. Instead I went out to our farm along with the family, where all my cousins and all got together, it was all enjoyable. Of course with the Nwair flowers, all over the place; it’s that small yellow flower. Sub7an’Allah, it’s as if the land itself is blissful for us. It’s really like a family resort. So yeah my days were spent worthwhile, since I have a 9 days break from school. I have to mention too, that we went out for may-9aboon soccer 3ogob ma'radaina edeera, for 2 hours- was awesome. Spending time with the family can really be great, depending on the people not to forget .


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Point of Initiation

Greetings there whoever,

Haha that sounded corny, so scratch that. I'd like to start off here. I remember coming across this blog site sometime in late 2005, through a google search where I was looking for any amusing Kuwaiti forum/blog to get by some time, no... strictly speaking to waste time ; although forums aren't really my thing. I noticed the mature blogging going around, the majority anyway. It was all interesting.
Then I forgot about the whole thing for a while. This then allowed me to rediscover this place.

So until lately I haven't started up my own blog, because of the crazy-busy days and the fact that I had a blog on another site, although I did enjoy commenting on several of the diverse selections available. The many rewarding comments people give and as well as receive got me started now.

Nonetheless, some of you may recognize me, others may not - but of course all are welcome to be here at my starting point.