Friday, March 31, 2006


Father: I feel ashamed for your laziness in your studies, son. Remember Goerge Washington? How he was a successful floor mopper when he was your age?
Son: And I feel the same, father - everytime I remember that Goerge Washington was a President when he was your age.

A jew and a chinese co-pilot are set for flight. As they prepare for take off...
The Jew says: "Look, I just wanna make it clear, I don't like the Chinese, they bombed Pearl Harbour."
Chinese co-pilot: "That was Japanese, no CHINESE!"
Jew: "Who cares Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese all the same."
- Then came the brief silence -
Chinese co-pilot: "Let me tell you something. I don't like the Jews. They brought down the Titanic!"
Jew: "WHAT? That was an iceberg that sunk Titanic."
Chinese: "Yeah yeah! Iceberg, goldberg, speilgberg all the same!"

Give me a smile. =)

Thursday, March 30, 2006


من أقوال المغفور له بأذن الله الملك عبدالعزيز
على كل فرد من رعيتنا يحس أن ظلماً وقع عليه , أن يتقدم إلينا بشكوى , وعلى كل من يتقدم بالشكوى أن يبعث بها بطريق البرق أو البريد المجاني على نفقتنا . وعلى كل موظف بالبريد أو البرق أن يقبل الشكاوي من رعيتنا , ولو كانت موجهة ضد أولادي أو أحفادي أو أهل بيتي

I got this from el'e5t Se3loah, elma'3foor leh he must've said that with heart. Amazing words, too bad it wasn't in his total control to get his country ship shape as much as he wanted. But truely words of love to his country.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The randomness in me

Random facts:

- Whenever someone calls and it's a wrong number I say "E'nimra '3ala6"
- I get lonely quick these days, since some friends are distancing and I'm busy with studies
- I'm studying hard for exams at the time being
- I'm socially sick at the current time
- I love soccer

Random questions:

- Why did Tom Hanks in "The Terminal" NOT hook up with Catherine HOT Zeta Jones?
- Why is Kuwait getting [edited]:"unpleasant" in some respects? (rhetorical)
- Why school, why money, why inequality, why the selfishness? (old childish question)
- How come the KTVs go extremely dull from time to time?
- Why am I doing this anyway?

~Until next time,
This is Safi,

Farm February

neAnother thing that people like to see on blogs are... PICS!
So here are some pics I had taken from our farm in Wafra. We have great family gatherings there, namely during the celebrations of February. Allah lai ya7rimna minhom.

Here goes,

We went for a round of celebratory fireworks bel5irmiz oo hawa elail e6al8

Skyhigh snapshot of homebred horses we have funny names for them ;P

Elkahraba went out, the power went out doesn't usually happen so we
got together some candles flash lights, laptop and you know other illuminating stuff;
enjoyed the night, after dinner with candles
some watched masra7eeyah on the laptop,
others solifaw, some took naps, and what not

Here's the sufrah

Kuwaitina happy for us with its Nwair!

Cousins playing with a kite on a clear day, nice and sunny,
got stuck in a tree then brought down later though

Enjoy a sense of yours!

Matters of life

In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm posting short entries - seems the way you guys like it.

Ok so my school had this Prom like event called "the Oscars"; go figure. I didn't take up on it, for whatever reason(s) I haven't even scratched the surface of.


Enjoy a sense of yours

Check out the Fort Minor music album - The Rising Tied.
I liked it all, awesome stuff... something new. I don't know but I like it for now.

Enjoy if you wish!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ya3ni shloan

Comment - whatever it may be. I do give you permission... no kidding.
Oh wait it's nonesense nonetheless, Sheesh!