Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ramadan ramadaaan-- Kaaareem! (blog break)

Wel7amdillah allathi bala'3na hatha eshahar elkareem.

5al agool awal... shino nawi ana.
Allah esalimkom, oo yi9li7kom oo yhadeekom inshallah,
ana I'll take a hiatus kinda
a break from blogging,
lana priorities change in this holy month no doubt 'bout it.
And I wanna savour EVERY single moment.
I'm lucky I'm in Kuwait for Ramadan.
I wanna learn how to cook inshallah.

Today was great, today was awesome.
We went to the friday prayer to an opening of a mosque,
its special to me... there are reasons,
the Imam is different,
he's related.
Eshaikh Dr.Khaled Elmathkoor showed up, I like him.
To have an opening at such a time is perfecto.
At the end everyone went around congratulating, chena 3eed already.
That was good.

So for the time being I'mma keep things short and simple.

Lunchtime: I had a double rocket burger, hum yum.

We then went to KC, to Souq Wajif; I had to change/pick suitcases.

Where did that tower come from?
-knock on wood-

@ Souq Wajif, blanket section near suitcase section

Sha5bariii, since I can remember this old demolished ruins of who knows
has been there in the middle of the Souq, laish 3ad?
Ballah yi6ee7 3ala namla aw ga6wa.
Btw, whilst I was taking the pic'... this cleaning guy posed for me to shoot,
7asafa I was concentrating on the ruins.

"-3ala miya- 3ala miya- 3ala miya-"

City life.

Another souq, Souq Sharq.
On the way back.

So we stopped at this mosque to pray le3sha, right opposite Sharq.
They've kept it well maintained, yet perserved it's history.

That's Italian icecream.
I had the guy name every single flavor thrice.
I was deciding ofcourse,
there were no labels.

Sema3na 5abar Ramadan

I said I'll come here '3asher elawa5er' inshallah.
Like no other place.

I like this house, it's really far fetched.

' embarek 3alaikom eshahar ya 7ilween '

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


When it comes to food, you alway hear how something can compliment another thing.
Well this candy sure nailed it. '9ab6eenha.
Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate!
But it's even better,
how so?
The chocolate brings out the mint,
and the mint brings out the chocolate,
it's like a dynamic equilibrium.

Got any favorite candy?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tell me...

All readers.
Say, tell me.
When's the last time you spoke with someone about something serious, ayi 7aga... bass jaad.

I opened a window to post a new entry, but then was caught up talking.
So then I forgot what I was about to post.
But this'll suffice. =p

I'd like your response please as follow:
*Talked to who
*About what or what kind of talk (you're not obliged to spill details, if sensitive)
*For how long

Check up before marriage

Medical check-up before marraige.
Have you ever heard of it?
If you haven't I'm not surprised,
Kuwait rarely speaks of it...
Yet it's for your own protection.

Even educated people may forget completely about this precaution,
'Cause it's not part of our culture or tradition, you can say.

So I tell you, now.
After seeing, for the 1st time, a report on this
on Kuwaiti TV; "9ale7 linaashir".
Don't forget the check-up!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


The game was incredibly wondrous.
Yes I missed Henry and Van Persie.
But the game was delicious.
I also said that Henry needed rest, that'll make him wanna play; yshtag.

Of course as ever, this game is real hyped up before hand,
ya3ni there's history of the 2 teams meeting and battling it out.

Mabi agargir wayed,
so I'll get to the point.
Adebayor kinda annoyed me for being weak in getting between the defence.
His first touch was ridicolous... bad.
Bass ma3alaih, he gave Arsenal the goal.

Our push.
Next 3 games for Arsenal are against recently promoted
Whop-a'' -time.

PS. Btw, you should keep an eye on how
ARSENAL are gonna rise through the ranks.
(this win= 17th place --> 10th place)

Friday, September 15, 2006


On Tuesday ARSENAL won a game! 'bout time. I knew Rosicky was pretty good
since Wenger picked him.

Rosicky+ Fabregas = ghoood midfield.

I happened to watch 'Gladiator' on MBC2 Wednesday after midnight,
movies like this make it easy to spot waste-a-time movies.

Thursday was a day out.
This store was closed. Meh.

As for today, ri7na to the cinema to watch 'Talladega Nights'. Freakin' comedic.

I like Will Farell, he's crazy.

The picture doesn't make sense, ayal habaal, where's the ball right or up?

I also spotted this in a Kuwaiti based magazine, and I can't stop but think WTFridge?
It says Janet Jackson was born in 1989... hmm, riiight.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Super Delicious.

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2001

There's so much meaning in raising the flag even in weakness
All gave some, and some gave all

La 7awla walla 8owata ella bellah

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just anything

I freakin' missed watching Real Madrid play, 6a7sa. Football should be free to watch. I got Aljazeeras, ART, and Showtime, but just recently Aljazeera was dropped and new cards are availible. So I was told.

On another note, I was flipping through the channels
whilst I was trying to re-configure/sort/figure out how to get Aljazeera back,
I happened to come across Alsharjaah channel, they had this show on
called "nashd esharja", kinda like American idol and crap
but only these guys could vocalize, sing or whatever you call it, you know?
Amazingly awesome.
Mashallah 3alaihom.

[ Story of the pic: "We won dude!!11!one" ]

Also, I'm really excited for the upcoming matches
no more long waits
12th of Sept' Arsenal play in UEFA,
17th of Sept Arsenal play in EPL,


I cannot believe ARSENAL[fullstop]
But can you believe that Schwartzer the goalie of Middlesborough
was playing against Kuwait just the other day
and the next playing the likes of Arsenal in the EPL?! Ya3ni Ti5ayilaw!! ;P

Yiksir el5a6ir =.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Lay 7ooshik

Wednesday was a pretty cool day, football was beautiful.
France kicked Italy's ass 3-1.
Not to forget, Kuwait paid back the Aussies 2-0
thanks much to the almost impossible weather.

The 2 days ahead of Wed' I hung out with friends,
yes... we did play Halo 2 for 5+ I think all night.

Bass youm el5amees we come back to mention football and the impossible weather.
My cousins, brother and I usually play football whenever we can.
So we did that day. It was unbelievable, and we drank so much water;
but it was fun nonetheless, as usual.
The temperature was 45 celcius, minimum I'm sure of it.
There was no breeze whatsoever.
Believe me you wouldn't want to be in that position.
Bass wanasa, football; mayabeelah.

( e9oora was taken approx. 30mins+ after
the game. Fa ti9aweraw, the whole shirt was pretty much
drenched, but by now it dried up.
For salamat e3yoonkom :P
as you can see when the shirt gets wet
symbols appear, awesome idea, yeah? ;p
there are a couple of more symbols not showing. lol)

(and here's reverse angle :P)

Excuse moi.
Gotta run now.
Dinner @ Ribeye's.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Kuwait ;*

Can't stop thinking.
A nostalgic song on loop-play was my theme for the night.
I need to rest.
So I'm off to spend time with the family.
And rest.
Don’t take things for granted.
Be happy.

*Edit: As soon as I switched the song... to BEPs (Feel it),
I felt happier. ;P
And from that we learn: NO nostalgic songs!
Excuse me now.