Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Ugly Manifestation of Ignorance

I retreat to this blog to spill impulsively, compulsively, and at times for no friggin' reason.
I feel this is the utter epitome of a pointless text. But I frankly don't give a crap, and just feel like it - oh and just because I CAN.

I fucking loathe people that sport a superiority act without an ounce of guilt in them. Shit, they pride themselves for it. I bet I touched on this very topic before. But humans are humans;
yet that is not an excuse, no, not even remotely. I just feel that I have to drop the word human to jolt other associated words into your memory-obliged minds (I'll leave that to your imagination good sirs, and madames).
This attitude, this sick, disgusting attitude comes in all forms and times: school, work, shops - heck even when you're walking on the street minding your business; yes, I'm talking about them durrrtyy looks, that body language, and of course that crap vibe that resonates from that unsightly excuse of a being.
Oh snap, you want to talk about marriage? No, not a day to talk about it. I won't even go there. That's a WHOLE other level.
I have zero desire to write: zip, ziltch, zot, nil, nada, void, blank, space, null... 9ifir.

Funny thing is, I had a happy and pleasant day.


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