Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just anything

I freakin' missed watching Real Madrid play, 6a7sa. Football should be free to watch. I got Aljazeeras, ART, and Showtime, but just recently Aljazeera was dropped and new cards are availible. So I was told.

On another note, I was flipping through the channels
whilst I was trying to re-configure/sort/figure out how to get Aljazeera back,
I happened to come across Alsharjaah channel, they had this show on
called "nashd esharja", kinda like American idol and crap
but only these guys could vocalize, sing or whatever you call it, you know?
Amazingly awesome.
Mashallah 3alaihom.

[ Story of the pic: "We won dude!!11!one" ]

Also, I'm really excited for the upcoming matches
no more long waits
12th of Sept' Arsenal play in UEFA,
17th of Sept Arsenal play in EPL,


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