Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Even doodles mean something and may indicate your personality.
You may think that sketches, scribbles and squiggles you put forward onto paper unconsciously during deep thinking or during a boring lecture are nothing really. Yet on the contrary they might hold your deepest emotions. This was proven in a study during the 1930’s in a psychology paper. (9ij fi’9awa makoo shi’3il studying such a thing during a period of widespread slavery trade)

Nevertheless, what they claim is whatever you sketch on the right side of the page represents your social personality and the left side your caution, while the middle symbolize how open minded or emotionally open a person you are.
“Willi fe galbah 3ala elsana”

And now for the various interpretations:
- Faces: Side views of faces mean you’re having problem having relations with others. Whilst happy faces mean everything is going fine, and sad faces mean not being able to cooperate with others.
- Snakes: Show physical ability or that you’re a quick thinker who’s on target most of the times.
- Drawing people without faces: Signifies absence of commitment and a sense of lost identity. You feel unappreciated by others. And you think you don’t have a strong presence or discomforted by lack of privacy.
- Squares: You don’t like the idea of being alone, and so you have the urge to befriend people.
- Flowers: You are sensitive, compassionate and concerned with everything to do with love.
- Arrows: Generally show anxiety, and if pointing upwards this signifies ambition and the ones pointing all over the place mean you’re open minded.
- Stars: Either stands for an ambitious and ready for challenges personality or to break rules to get what they want.
- Eyes: Mysterious personality. Small eyes indicate sadness, while big eyes show for a fun and humorous personality, and seductive eye lashes show for an attractive personality.
- Hearts: Stand for emotional weakness and how prone you are to emotional damage, the more drawn hearts means you’ve gone through more emotional distress or damage.
- Squiggles: May be complex or simple, and the more complex they are the more deep your thoughts were at the time you were drawing.
- Spirals: Represent motivation but also represent that the drawer is thinking of a way to trick someone and distance themselves without confrontation so as to not harm them.
- Houses: Houses with long passages before them imply courteousness and caring of the drawer, whereas short ones suggest an open and stable personality. Detailed drawings of houses give the sign of the want of perfection. As for lines that aren’t neat or the absence of windows represent an unhappy household.

I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I find it quite interesting. Some are kind of logical. If I was a person with actual free time, I’d check out my own doodles I made before in class. Haha.

Here's a recent doodle of mine:



Blogger *-fwai7-* said...

i write peoples names when i doodle, its wierd! :P

Monday, March 27, 2006 4:44:00 PM  
Blogger Safi said...

And the winner is...
You commented!
-Give you a hospitality drink- =D

Monday, March 27, 2006 5:27:00 PM  

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