Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Elhatif Enagaal

When it comes to mobiles, the 'culture of mobility', first thing that comes to mind is how recently released it is. But nevermind that for now and let me tell you how seriously vital mobiles are to more than just a selective generation and a story on the side.
Consider me. I have been for what seems like ages without a mobile... why?
No apparent reason.
My latest mobile I just gave to my Mom. Yet when we travel ofcourse having a mobile is a must, so I'm given one from the family, I then give it back when we come back.
So now after all this time I am going to have to put aside my laziness and procrastination on buying a mobile and actually get it done with already. I can say that my friends pretty much gotten sick of it, but I don't get it why not call my home number anyway? ;p
Oh well. I have been interested in the Nseries before it's release, but Kuwait needs time until we get into the practical stage of them N's. Oh and suggestions of what to get are surely more than welcome. Allah 7ayaah.


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